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Chairman's Choice: Zurich, Switzerland

Set beneath snow-clad peaks on the shores of a glittering lake, a holiday in Zurich will move you not only with its typical Swiss neatness but also with its scenic setting. In Zurich, perfection is pronounced from the boutiques and along the promenades in this global financial centre to the clubs and restaurants enjoyed by the straight laced bankers after dark. While not my favorite European city, Zurich is always a nice stop in order to visit with the custodians of my money. Political turmoil in Mexico and taxation in the U.S. have always made Switzerland a financial haven. The best season to visit Zurich is during the summer months of July and August. Spring and autumn are also good times to holiday in Zurich, but winter is cold, overcast and damp.




Getting There………
Zurich features nonstop air service from North America with Swiss International Airlines offering both business and first class service. Swiss International features an angled flat bed on its international business class and a true flat bed in with its international First Class. Though I do not fly business class on a three class aircraft, I have been told that the business class seat on Swiss has a constricted seat pitch which may be uncomfortable. The sitting position is said to be comfortable, but for sleeping it may not be as desirable. However, the convenience of direct flights into Zurich or Geneva may make Swiss the best overall option. In First Class, Swiss International provides a comfortable night's sleep with excellent recline. The Swiss International First Class seat uses a pod style seat with privacy shields and excellent in flight entertainment. Between the U.S. and Switzerland, Swiss International operates Airbus 330 and Airbus 340 aircraft with international business class and international first class seat configurations. Specialized business class discounts fares are available with Swiss International.

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While browsing in the elegant boutiques along Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse, one of the most beautiful shopping areas in Europe, you'll notice that the streets may not be paved with gold, but you can be certain that a couple of meters below, unimaginable treasures are lying in underground vaults. Zurich is well served with business class air and first class air with Swiss International directly into Zurich or Geneva. Delta Airlines also offers direct service between Atlanta and Zurich with business class air fares and business class discounts.
Though Zurich is the world's banking capital, you'll also discover that this is the city that gave birth to the avant-garde Dadaist movement, and where James Joyce wrote Ulysses. The services of Swiss International Business Class are frequently used amongst the banking community. Swiss International also offers First Class service on selected flights between Switzerland and North America.
In the city, Zurich's Museum of Fine Arts houses one of Europe's most extensive collections from 15th century religious iconography to the modern art works of Dali, Arp, Hockney, Cezanne, Monet, Gaugin, Munch and Picasso.

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