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V Australia in the long haul arm of Australian based Virgin Blue. V Australia offers direct service between Los Angeles and Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. V Australia also has agreements with several U.S. based carriers, including Virgin America, to offer cost effective add on fares from interior cities of the U.S. to their Los Angeles gateway. As of July 2010, V Australia utilizes Boeing 777 aircraft on its flights between the U.S. and Australia.

V Australia operates using a three cabin configuration. Similar to Virgin Atlantic, V Australia offers Economy Class, Premium Economy and Business Class.

Business Class

V Australia’s International Business Class features fully flat beds that are 6’2” long with a seat pitch of 77”. The V Australia International Business Class seat features a personal workstation with laptop power as well as USB ports. Though their service is certainly not discount, V Australia offers discounted business class fares and tickets to Australia which are extremely competitive in relation to its rivals. V Australia’s presence in the marketplace has caused business class fares to drop by as much as 75%. Prior to V Australia’s existence, a US$10,000 business class fare for nonstop service between the U.S. and Australia would be considered discounted. Today, discount business class fares are a fraction of this cost on both V Australia as well as its competitors.

The most deeply discounted business class fares with V Australia may require an advance purchase of more than 50 days prior to departure and restricted seat availability. However, discount business class fares with V Australia can still be obtained with as little as a 21 day advance purchase.

Row 5 Privacy Suite- When only the best will do…

V Australia features a ‘cabin within a cabin’ inside its already exclusive business class section. Known as Row 5, this is a privacy suite that provides the flat bed business class seating but in a separate cabin. Row 5 allows travelers to choose 2, 3, 5 or 7 seats so that families or groups can enjoy a private jet experience with V Australia. Specialized pricing is available for the purchase of multiple seats in Row 5 on a single flight. 

Premium Economy

V  Australia features a premium economy cabin which is significantly more comfortable than traditional economy but not to be confused or marketed as a business class product.  V Australia uses a 2 x 4 x 2 configuration in premium economy. Premium economy passenger’s benefit from more spacious seating, including a 38” seat pitch, 20” seat width and a 9” seat recline. Premium economy passengers also benefit from USB ports to power laptops and other electronic devices.


In economy class, V Australia offers affordable fares using a 3 x 3 x 3 seating configuration. Economy seat have a 32” seat pitch, 18.8” seat width and a 6 seat recline. V Australia has also implemented creature comforts in all classes including USB ports to power laptops and other electronic devices. V Australia is extremely competitive in distributing its economy class seats, and frequently launches special economy class deals and offers in addition to standard discounts that it may offer

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