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I love Paris in the springtime. I love Paris in the Fall. I love Paris because Paris has mesmerized me ever since my first visit. Paris is the international symbol of the Good Life and it is on the fast move. I love the sounds, the smell in the air and everything that France has to offer. In the last two decades no other European capital has seen so much paranoiac building. The glass Pyramid at the Louvre and the post modern Grande Arche de la Defense are just two examples of the architecturally dramatic monuments that have shocked purists and set the city abuzz. Paris has some fabulous restaurants and there is no moment quite so poignant during a holiday in Paris as to toast the last drops of a fine wine at the end of a memorable French cuisine meal. Or, just sitting at an outdoor café eating freshly baked French bread and fine cheeses.

Air France with Preferred Membership

When traveling to Paris, I highly recommend the use of Air France in either business class or in First Class, if your finances will allow. If you are a global jetsetter, plan with little or no advance, and make frequent changes then you may qualify for a special offer through Passport Premiere. As a member, you are able to pay a full economy fare and enjoy the benefits of business class. While the pricing may be discount, the service is certainly not discount. Again, this program is targeted to travelers that purchase business class tickets less than 14 days prior to their departure. Below is a summary of expected savings for a business class traveler confirming a purchase within 14 days of their departure date.


Origin Destination Class Advance Change Fee List Price Member Price
New York Paris Business 7+ Days None $6,896 $4,988
Los Angeles Paris Business 7+ Days None $9,298 $5,894
Atlanta Paris Business 7+ Days None $8,969 $5,088


Hotels and Resturants

When I pick a hotel in Paris, it is important to me that my family and I stay at grand hotels that make us feel pampered. To enjoy the elegance of the Parisians, we want to stay in the exclusive heart of Paris where the fashionable shops and boutiques are located. These are some of my favorite hotels and restaurants.



Both before my time with 1st-Air.Net and through 1st-Air.Net , I have continued to enjoy all that Paris has to offer. Paris is certainly one of my favorite cities, and 1st-Air.Net can help you find all that Paris and France have to offer.

Getting There

When I fly to Paris, I can't be bothered with connections. After all, I am the Chairman. Even in times of economic uncertainty, I will not be uncertain about my schedule and will only fly direct and in First Class. I generally fly Air France First Class aboard three class aircraft. My staff travels with Air France in business class. Though my first hand knowledge is only in First Class, I understand that Air France now offers a flat bed in business class on most of its long haul flights. Though I don't fly in business class myself, I do find the Air France business class flat bed to be of importance for my staff so that they are fresh and ready for business upon arrival.

Air France has recently put the Airbus 380 into service and is now flying it between two great cities; New York and Paris. I plan to try the Airbus 380 in First Class relatively soon, but have already had staff members try this aircraft in business class and have given rave reviews. For price conscious travelers, I am please to advise that business class discounts are available with Air France in business class. Air France has branded its business class product as Affaires while its First Class product is titled La Premiere.

I asked a member of my staff to measure their business class seat with Air France on a recent trip to see how spacious it actually is. They reported back that their business class flat bed seat measured 6.5 feet in length while 2 feet wide. The Air France business class seat features an armrest that retracts when the seat is in the sleep position.

The Air France business class seat also features a private video screen and laptop power adapter.

For global jetsetters that plan with little or no advance notice, Air France does offer business class discounts subject to availability. For leisure oriented travelers, Air France features several business class deals and offers tailored to travelers than plan their trip more than 30 days from their booking date. Of course, these leisure oriented deals contain additional restrictions.

Who has the sleeper seats?

At Passport Premiere the safety, health and comfort 
of our customers are of paramount importance. Our underlying philosophy: to give our premium customers the ultimate experience for in-flight work, rest, and comfort while combining the experience with unparalleled savings. Click Here for a comparative analysis of which carriers have beds in Business and First Class.