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Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has spread its wings and now offers service to six continents from North America. Between the addition of new routes to Australia and South Africa, as well as its merger with Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines is positioned to connect travelers anywhere they need to go worldwide. Delta Airlines uses a combination of Airbus and Boeing aircraft on its long haul routes.  Select aircraft are fitted with a true flat bed in business class. Delta Airlines has increased capacity to Asia and Europe, offering greater opportunities to obtain business class discounts compared with rival carriers. Delta also offers competitive business class deals and offers for travel between North America and Australia. 




A summary of continents served by Delta Airlines and its business class product are as follows

Asia-  Prior to its merger with Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines operated a handful of flights between the U.S. and Asia.  Since its merger, Delta Airlines now operates direct service from Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Seattle to several key cities in Asia including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. Delta Airlines extensive route network between the U.S. and Asia offers international business class travelers greater opportunities for business class discounts, deals, and offers because of Delta Airlines increased capacity between the two continents. While business class discounts may be harder to find on nonstop flights to Asia from Delta Airlines Atlanta or Detroit hubs, business class deals can often be found via its west coast gateways of Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle


Australia- In 2009, Delta Airlines introduced nonstop flights between Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. Delta Airlines launched this service using Boeing 777 aircraft equipped with business class flat beds. The business class cabin is equipped with 43 flat bed sleeper seats. Delta Airlines service to Australia , along with the introduction of service by V Australia, finally made business class travel between the U.S. and Australia competitive. Business Class discounts between the U.S. and Australia had been limited while Qantas had a flat bed monopoly on the Los Angeles-Sydney route. However, competition has driven business class fares down by as much as 70% compared with 2008 pricing levels. The best opportunities for business class discounts and deals for travel with Delta Airlines between the U.S. and Australia is to either purchase more than 90 days or within 14 days of your scheduled departure.

Europe – Delta Airlines offers direct service from several U.S. cities including Atlanta, Cincinnatti, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York and Salt Lake City to Europe. In addition to its Atlanta hub, Delta Airlines maintains a strong presence in New York following its purchase of Pan Am’s European routes from New York in 1991.The Delta/Northwest merger, completed in 2010, converted Detroit and Minneapolis into a Delta Airlines hub. As of January, 2010 Delta Airlines Boeing 767-400 and Boeing 777 aircraft between the U.S. and London Heathrow feature its newly equipped business class flat bed

Latin America- Delta Airlines operates direct service from its Atlanta hub to Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Santiago. Delta Airlines also offers direct service between New York and Sao Paulo on select days. Delta Airlines also operates direct service to other cities in Latin America including Caracas and Lima. As of July, 2010 long range flights between the U.S. and Latin America (i.e. Argentina, Brazil, and Chile) are operated using Boeing 767 aircraft.  Opportunities for business class discounts on these routes varies based on demand. Shorter range flights are operated using Boeing 757 aircraft. The narrow bodied Boeing 757 aircraft features fewer seats business class seats and generally which may offer fewer opportunities to obtain business class discount fares.


South Africa- As of 2010, Delta Airlines is one of only two carriers that offer direct service between the U.S. and South Africa. Delta Airlines had offered service to both Capetown and Johannesburg, but as of July 2010 Delta Airlines operates nonstop service via its Atlanta hub to Johannesburg. Delta Airlines operates Boeing 777 aircraft on this route featuring its business class flat bed on this route. The average flight time for the 8429 mile trek between Atlanta and Johannesburg is 15 hours 40 minutes nonstop. If you are considering travel between the North America and South Africa, you will find the best business class deals by planning early. As there is a limited supply of business class seats using nonstop flights to South Africa, business class discounts are often hard to find. The best opportunities for business class discounts are found by either planning more than three months prior to departure or within seven days of departure

In-Flight Amenities

777-LR Flat Bed

Delta Airlines has recently introduced a new business class flat bed on select Boeing aircraft. Aircraft that feature the new configuration can be identified by the seat configuration. Business Class cabins that operate using a 1 X 2 X 1 configuration are equipped with the new seating.

The new Delta Airlines business class flat bed reclines a full 180 degrees and are horizontal to the floor, creating a complete flat bed. Additional amenities you will experience with Delta Airlines Business Elite are personal flight entertainment, PC power at every seat, and gourmet food and wine pairings. At the launch of its business class flat bed, Delta Airlines has configured all of its 777 aircraft with this new seating configuration. Delta Airlines has initially reconfigured the business class sections of selection 767-400 aircraft with its newly designed seat. International travelers seeking business class discounts and flat beds in business class should  check the equipment type as well as the schedule prior to purchase to ensure that their itinerary utilizes aircraft with business class flat beds.