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Exclusive Travelers club - International First Class Travelers    
Join today and receive savings of over $45,000 or more!!!!  
Chairman's Inner Circle is an exclusive travel club for exotic and luxury travel for the discerning international premium class traveler. Chairman's Inner Circle is for those that travel like Resendiz: First Class all the way - with no strings attached! There are no mileage upgrades to clear, coupons to clip, or passwords to remember.  
Chairman's Inner Circle Members are assigned a personal travel liaison to handle every aspect of their travel requirements. This may range from coordinating business class discount tickets with Cathay Pacific for the member's employees to arranging for an exotic getaway at a luxury overwater bungalow in the Maldives.
Chairman's Inner Circle accepts members that reside in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
In addition to providing the highest level of service, the Chairman's Inner Circle also provides the peace of mind for price certainty. Prior to joining, prospective members advise 1stAir the routes that they travel most frequently and are provided an analysis of how much they will save as members. Quite simply, Chairman's Inner Circle is the finest combination of service and savings available for international travel!  
Sample Fares & Savings  





New York Sydney


$12,800 (DIRECT)
Sydney Los Angeles


New York-Buenos Aires


$3,500 (NONSTOP)
Los Angeles-Hong Kong


  Exclusive Travelers club - International First Class Travelers
Featured Benefits for the Inner Circle Members  
Your Own Prepaid Travel Account
Your own prepaid travel account with $100,000 or more in retail travel credits depending on the published fares for the routes you travel most frequently. The customer will benefit from savings of an additional 20% or more from the already discounted 1stAir pricing.  
For example: if the published for New York-London is $7,753 USD, and the 1stAir price is now $5400.00, you will now be able to purchase this same trip for $3200.00 a savings of 30%! The retail price of $7753 will be deducted from your account until it is completed. Your total projected savings is as follows:  
Retail 13 trips @ $7753 per trip =
$ 100,789
Chairman's Inner Circle 13 trips @ $3200 per trip =
$ 41,600
Less Initial $10,000 membership fee
$ 10,000
$ 49,189
Personal Travel Liaison
Our Chairman's members appreciate savings, but discounts are not the sole attraction. It is the ability to arrange quick jaunts across the North Atlantic or exotic travel to South Africa, South East Asia or anywhere and everywhere else Around the World on a moment's notice. Chairman's members receive more than just international business and first class travel arrangements, but the ability to coordinate almost any element related to luxury travel.
Special 'Members-Only' Discounts
Special members-only invitations to below market discounts in international business and first class airfares.  These are our  'Chairman's Choices' for discounts that are below the already valued added 1stAir prices.
Complimentary Newsletter
Monthly Chairman's Circle newsletter rating the latest trends for the discriminating travelers.  As our Chairman settles for nothing but the best and constantly travels the globe, find out first hand his choices for the best restaurant, the best theatre shows, how to find the best seats for theatre and sporting events worldwide, fashion tips, pointers with local culture and etiquette plus much more!
Invitation to Chairman's Annual Conference
Invitation to the Chairman's Annual Conference, a forum to share insight on travel experiences with other fellow first class travelers at a premium destination around the world.
Exotic Destination Selection and Trip Management
Chairman's Inner Circle can arrange a trip to an exotic destination for its members, providing the perfect balance of adventure and luxury. One top exotic travel destination in Europe is Turkey. Bordering both the Aegean and Mediterranean, it is the cradle of civilization. From the famed Turkish baths to the dazzling bazaars, the city of Istanbul is one of the most important historical and cultural capitals in the world, and the combination of Middle Eastern and European influences just adds to the ambiance. Dodge donkeys, goats and camels as you make your way through the city's dusty streets, or head straight to the picturesque little merchant villages that dot the map. It is an exotic destination with luxury hotels that is easy to reach from North America, Asia and certainly Europe.
Further east, our members have several of luxury hotel and resort options to choose from in exotic Southeast Asia. Whether you want to wander tiny mountain towns in Nepal, go on a spiritual journey through the Buddhist-intensive Tibet, or play with the tigers in Thailand, there's no shortage of exotic destinations here. The island resort of Bali has no shortage of luxury resorts where Chairman's Inner Circle can arrange every detail. If you are feeling especially adventurous, there's hardly a greater challenge, or more rewarding trip than India. The land of spices and princes has lost nothing of its majesty over the years, making it one of the top exotic travel destinations in the world. Whether you are riding the Ganges or parsing the intricacies of Hinduism, India is likely as different as possible from the places you've been.
The entire continent of Africa is pretty exotic in itself, but the island nation of Madagascar might top them all. And if you are looking for exotic vacation destinations that feature some of the world's most intense and lovable wildlife, this is the place for you. If that's not enough, the Okavango Delta in Northwestern Botswana may be the pinnacle. A flood plain spread across the desert, it is an oasis not only for the hippos, crocodiles and zebra that frequent the area, but for tourists alike. The night sounds of the delta are in equal turns soothing and unsettling, and the smooth rustle of nocturnal predators can be heard across the plain. Exotic destination and luxury travel management is just one of the many benefits you can expect as a Chairman's Inner Circle member.
  Limited Special Offer 
Try the benefits of Chairman's Inner Circle for a reduced initial membership fee of $5,000. This will provide you with $45,000 in retail travel benefits. If after 45 days or receiving $45,000 in retail travel you are not completely satisfied for any reason, you have no further obligation but will have benefits from increased savings at Chairman's Inner Circle prices. Contact 1stAir offices for additional details.
Membership Charges  
The following charges are applicable for membership to Chairman's Inner Circle:  
Initial Fee: $10,000  
For additional information, or information regarding the payment schedule you may contact our U.S. office at:  
1-(585)-383-4470, Ext. 4339  
To elevate your travel status to the Chairman's Inner Circle, please click on the link below to complete our registration application. As a pre-existing member of the 1stAir community, you have already been pre-approved for admittance to the Chairman's Inner Circle.
  Click here for the Registration Application

For the less frequent international traveler, you may also consider membership in Passport Premiere.
For details on all of our membership programs, please go to https://www.1st-air.net/page/chairmans-choice


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