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Changes to a ticketed itinerary
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Singapore-Cathay-Qantas Combo Fare To Australia With A380 From $6,700 For Premiere Members

Emirates to the Middle East via London at up to 40% savings

No Advance Purchase Star Alliance U.S-London fares from just $1100 each way plus taxes
Additional Passengers and Changing Passenger Type
Updating Your Profile
Multi-Segmented Itinerary
Frequent Flyer Milage
Statement on U.S. Europe Sale Fares as of 1-8-2010 (originally posted 1-28-2009)
Singapore Airlines business class between Europe and Asia from $995
First Class savings to Europe via Portugal
Hong Kong with Flat Beds
Who will find value from using
While hosts over 6 million fare combinations to destinations worldwide, our core strength is for departures from the U.S. to points in Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America and South Africa. offers only Business and First class international airfares and Premium Economy fares to our Passport Premiere members. Passport Premiere members also benefit from accessing additional airlines and prices which are available on our website only with a unique User ID and password.
For travelers originating their journey in Europe, Asia or Australia, aims to be competitive but may not be the most competitive source for premium class travel.
Changes to a ticketed itinerary
Most international itineraries purchased through can be changed. Changes to the dates of travel without changing the routing, can usually be handled by a change in the reservation without ticket re-issuance (e.g. changing an itinerary for travel between London and New York, already ticketed for travel on Sunday, to travel on Monday.) Certain fares do carry a penalty for changes made, and you should check with regarding any penalties for changes.
As of December 22, 2008 utilizes an electronic document delivery system. All ticket confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail unless special circumstances require the use of paper tickets. Over 99.9% of transactions are now distributed as electronic tickets.
Payment accepts Visa, Mastercard, or American Express for payment of all services. A signed credit card authorization form must accompany all credit card orders for transactions over $1,000. This form may be printed from The form should be completed and faxed to the number on the top of the form. only accepts credit cards that have a verifiable U.S. billing address.
Payments may also be remitted by cashiers check, money order or bank transfer. Company and Personal checks may also be remitted but will be held for a minimum of 5 business days for funds clearance before your order will be processed. Checks and Money Order payments should be sent to the address below. You may also be eligible to pay by electronic check. Check with for details:
Attn: Payments
500 North Michigan Ave Ste 300
Chicago, IL  60601
ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS MAY APPLY FOR BANK TRANSFERS - To pay for services by bank transfer, please contact our offices directly at (585)383-4470 for payment instructions. Additional discounts may apply for payments made by bank transfer.
WIRE TRANSFER REQUESTS - For wire transfer requests, please contact our accounting office at 585 383 4470 for routing instructions.
Refund Policy
Any purchase from that is not completely used and for which a refund is requested should be sent to our offices at 500 N. Michigan Ave, Ste 300, Chicago, IL 60601. Many ticket types which are not used may be eligible for a refund, less a and airline imposed cancellation penalty. Some deeply discounted ticket types may not be eligible for a refund even if cancelled prior to your scheduled departure. Some carriers and routes do not permit changes to the dates, times or routing for their lowest fare types. As change and cancellation penalties vary by carrier and route, we encourage you to clarify with your representative the specific penalties involved with your itinerary prior to completing your purchase. Failure to cancel a paid reservation more than 24 hours prior to your schedule departure time may result in forfeiture of your tickets remaining travel and/or refund value.
This policy comes into effect as of December 1, 2003.  Please contact your global travel analyst for an explanation of the penalties that may exist for your specific itinerary.
Additional Passengers and Changing Passenger Type
If you need to add multiple passengers to your travel request, or specify that a child is traveling, you may do so as follows:
Enter your travel request from
Once signed into your portfolio, which will be labeled Step 2 of 3 in the upper right hand corner, select ‘Request Itinerary’ 
Once Step 3 of 3 is displayed, select ‘Modify Trip’
From the Modify Trip page, select ‘Add Passengers’ under ‘Passengers’
Proceed to add as many passengers as are required by entering their first and last names, passenger type and then select ‘Add Passenger to Trip’ to confirm the addition.
Once you have completed all passenger additions, select ‘Request Itineraries’ at the top of the page.
Updating Your Profile
If you wish to update your profile, you may do so at  Once you have logged into your account, go to ‘Edit Your Profile’. From this section, you may update your:
E-Mail Address Telephone Number
USER ID and Password
Seating Preferences
Frequent Flyer Numbers
Passport Information
Form of Payment
We value your patronage and respect your right to privacy. Because we are committed to protecting your privacy, we employ our highest levels of security to keep your sensitive personal information strictly confidential and protected from unauthorized third parties.
Multi-Segmented Itinerary
Traveling to more than one city? Follow the steps outlined below to enter this request:
For multi-segmented itineraries, enter the city that is farthest from your point of origin and select 'View Pricing' at
If we have a fare that you would like to see an itinerary for, proceed to sign in and select ‘Add Trip to Your Portfolio’.
Once signed into your portfolio, which will be labeled Step 2 of 3 in the upper right hand corner, select ‘Request Itinerary’.
Once Step 3 of 3 is displayed, select ‘Modify Trip’
You should see your itinerary as you originally entered from your city of origin to your city of destination. Use the ‘Modify Leg ‘ next to the first city pair if you wish to change your first stop to a different destination.
You can then use the ‘Add Leg Before’ button to add additional flight legs until your itinerary is complete.
Once you have added all of the flight legs, select ‘Verify Updates’
To finalize the additional flight legs, select ‘Finalize Updates’
Select ‘Request Itineraries’ at the top of the screen to submit this request for a detailed itinerary.
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Will I earn frequent flyer mileage on travel purchased through 1stAir.Net?
Almost all fares distributed through are eligible to earn frequent flyer mileage. Some deeply discounted fares may not be eligible for the same level of mileage credit that would be awarded if you purchased and traveled on a full/published fare ticket. To verify the frequent flyer mileage eligibility, please ask your Global Travel Analyst to verify the exact amount of mileage and bonuses your specific itinerary qualifies for.
Can I use mileage/certificates to upgrade a purchased business class ticket to First Class? understands that several of its customers have obtained premium status with various airline loyalty programs, and may have received one class upgrades from business to first class. If you are purchasing a business class fare from with the intentions of upgrading it to First Class, we strongly recommend that you check with the respective carrier first to verify that the booking class is using is eligible for one class upgrades.
Statement on International Premium Class Fares as of Fall, 2011
As the global economy has shown signs of recovery, the volatile premium class travel market has also experienced resurgence. The deeply discounted business class sale fares that flooded the market for most of 2009 have quickly disappeared. International and domestic carriers are once again increasing the restrictions required to secure their lowest premium class fares. Examples of these restrictions include raising the advance purchase window from as few as 7 days during the height of the recession back to as many as 50 days which was customary prior to 2009.
Consolidation within the airline industry has also translated into fewer premium class seats being made available for the lowest available fares. The global recession forced carriers to make changes to their operations to achieve greater efficiency. Examples of this include flying smaller aircraft such as the narrow body 757's between the U.S. and Europe fitted with just 16 business class seats, rather than the customary 40+ seats found on 767, 777 or Airbus 330 aircraft. A smaller cabin on a given flight also reduces the number of seats that are made available for the lowest premium class fares.
Some carriers have opted to reduce their operating schedules, which in turn reduces the supply of international premium class seats. Rising oil prices are likely to add upward pressure on premium class fares and restore the fuel surcharges that were prevalent in 2008.
Finally, several carriers are attempting to recover losses incurred during the heights of the recession by closely guarding the booking classes required to execute their lowest premium class fares. It is routine for carriers to withhold lowest business class booking classes up to 24 hours prior to a flights departure. The goal is to fill as many seats at higher fare levels more than 24 hours from a flights departure with travelers willing to pay pricing premiums to achieve certainty with their schedule regardless of the cost.
These market factors may limit the availability discounted premium class seats for general members. Premium members or members of Passport Premiere may benefit from access to lower pricing or restricted inventory. Additional details can be found in our membership programs section. Leisure oriented travelers planning their itineraries more than 60 days from their booking date may not be impacted by these market forces. 1st-Air.Net is best utilized by business oriented travelers planning and purchasing premium class travel within 60 days of their booking date.
Singapore-Cathay-Qantas Combo Fare To Australia With A380 From $6,700 For Premiere Members
Special opportunities for members of our Premiere program to fly to Asia on Singapore Airlines in business class, continue on to Australia with Qantas or Cathay Pacific in business class, and then return to North America on the Airbus A380 aircraft with Qantas. Prices start at $6,700 + taxes. This special fare also includes a bonus ticket back to Asia for use on your next trip.
It is also possible to for as little as $1500 more to upgrade your trip from Asia to First Class. To qualify for this special offer, you must be a member of Passport Premiere. Registration can be completed by going to the Passport Premiere registration Page. This offer may be withdrawn without notice.
Australia-U.S. Business Class fares with flat beds at over 30% savings!!
Passport Premiere members based in Australia can take advantage of specialized business class pricing with Delta Airlines to the U.S. Delta Airlines flies daily between Sydney and Los Angeles and features a fully flat bed in business class.
First Class to India via Toronto at up to 50% savings with nonstop service
Members seeking nonstop First Class travel between North America and India may consider a special connection for optimal combination of scheduling and savings. For example, Air India's round trip First Class fare using this special routing sells for $6,182. This same First Class seat originated in nearby New York sells for $11,348. First Class fares via this routing are comparable with business class fares from several U.S cities.
Singapore Airlines business class between Europe and Asia from $995
Passport Premiere has loaded special fares with Singapore Airlines between Europe and Asia starting from just $995 in business class each way based with a round trip purchase. Add on fares between to Australia, including use of the ultra luxurious Airbus 380 start from just an additional $750 each way. This special offer is reserved for members of Passport Premiere. Registration for Passport Premiere can be completed in less than 5 minutes by clicking here to provide you access to this exciting offer.
Emirates to the Middle East via London at up to 40% savings
Lower fares with Emirates, including use of the Airbus A380 when routed via London, are available to premium members. U.S. based travelers can benefit from up to 40% savings with flat beds to London and the A380 to Dubai. Premiere members can sign into their accounts to access this special offer. Non-members can register on-line in less than 5 minutes for access to this offer.
No Advance Purchase Star Alliance U.S-London fares from just $1100 each way plus taxes
Special no advance purchase fares with a leading Star Alliance carrier flying direct to Europe from both east coast and west coast gateways are available to premium members. While most business class fares penalize travelers with increasing fare premiums the closer to the departure date the purchase is made, this special fare has no specific advance purchase requirement. Though this offer is capacity controlled, it can provide up to 80% when compared with similar offers on rival carriers when available. Premium members should log into their account and request travel between U.S. cities and London to view these special fares.
First Class savings to Europe via Portugal
A leading Star Alliance carrier has loaded First Class fares between several U.S. gateways and Portugal at up 40% savings compared with other carriers and cities in Europe. Fares are capacity controlled but do not have a specific advance purchase requirement and are flexible. These fares can be viewed by requesting travel from most U.S. gateways to Lisbon once logged into your account.
Hong Kong with Flat Beds
Special fares are available between the U.S, Hong Kong and beyond to several key Asian cities using a One World carrier with flat beds in business class. Details on this offer can be found once logged in and requesting travel from most U.S. cities to Hong Kong.

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